Tuesday February 21st 2017

Thanks For Everything, Detroit!

Dear Readers,

It has been two wonderful, amazing and rewarding years! If I could, I would buy each and every one of you a pint at Bronx to celebrate.

When I launched Detroit Girls About Town as a little WordPress blog in February of 2010, my biggest concern was whether anyone would find it, let alone read it. Now, at the two year mark, I can honestly say that I understand what happens when you boldly follow your ideas because DGAT was just that in December of 2009.

However, instead it letting it just be an idea, it was an idea that drove me to my computer the very next day to buy a domain name and try out programming on my own for the first time. It was an idea that made me toss and turn at night thinking about what the Website was going to be. And finally, it was an idea that led me to decided to just to do what felt right even though I was totally shooting from the hip.

From the first post to the last, I was – and continue to be – humbled and honored by the support DGAT has received. I have encountered readers while out in Detroit and through my inbox from Detroiters abroad, both go to show how strong and wide reaching the spirit of our city truly is.

Even though this is a joyous day, this will be the last post for a while. DGAT has grown beyond my wildest dreams and, my being one person, I can’t continue to support it alone. Because this site is my baby, it pains me to put it on hiatus, but until I can build the right team and gather the resources¬†to support it, it’s what’s best. I know that Detroit girls (and guys) everywhere will understand.

Again, these two years have been amazing and I would like to thank everyone — ¬†DGAT contributors and writers, you for reading this site and everyone and everything who made something awesome happen in Detroit – because that’s exactly what I started this Website for in the first place.

Even though this is DGAT’s “Goodbye for now,” DGAT will still live on through all the posts on here, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. And if you get tired of reading, watch the DGAT family eat Coney Dogs and bowl at the Majestic with Broke Ass Stewart on IFC’s Young Broke and Beautiful.

Stay about town, Detroit girls — it’s your city and you deserve to have fun in it.


PS- Interested in staying in touch? Email me here.

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