Tuesday February 21st 2017

Where In The World Is James Franco?

James Franco in a wet shirt.

Like nearly all red-blooded, MTV watching twentysomethings, we often find ourselves wondering where James Franco is. And just our luck, he’s in Detroit shooting Oz: The Great And Powerful, a Wizard Of Oz prequel where he plays the wizard.

If you, like us, think about the whereabouts of Mr. Franco, then ponder along with us as we list the places you may find* the multi-hyphned leading man.

Where: The Detroit Library
Why: Frankly, it would be weird to not find James in the stacks here. We trust that he’d shack up in the Burton Collection with a few classics or find a hidden reading room to reread Infinite Jest in.

Where: Rouge Park
Why: After 127 Hours, we think James would want to get in touch with nature in a non-extreme way. That guy walking along the stream? That could be him. More likely, he’ll be volunteering with the Grown In Detroit urban farm on the outskirts of the park.

Where: The Detroit River
Why: Because he’s deep like that. We could totally picture him perched on a low rock, looking at Canada and thinking about life. And when’s is thought all about life, he’d probably use the serene locale to read scripts and sketch in his Moleskine.

Where: John King Books
Why: To find that rare, out of print book that you’ve probably never heard of.

Where: Le Petit Zinc
Why: To bring back café society. And for a coffee, a croissant and an odd cigarette or two.

Where: MOCAD
Why: Because there may or may not be talks of him showing his next installation here. We really don’t know, but we can certainly dream of a Detroit screening of Dicknose in Paris.

Where: Wayne State University
Why: To get another degree… maybe an Associates, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate. Or maybe a certificate course. Or maybe all of them. And we literally mean all of them, as in all the degrees at Wayne State.

Where: The Heidelberg Project
Why: We think you know why. In fact, we bet he’ll probably add some shoes and baby doll arms to it.

Where: D’ Mongo’s Speakeasy
Why: Because he’s having drinks with Ryan Gosling. Jealous?

Have you spotted him around Detroit?

*James, if you’re reading this, we’re not stalkers… we’re actually busy journalists with day jobs. Take this list as a recommendation of cool things we think you’ll like in Detroit.

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