Tuesday February 21st 2017

Your Love Is Like A Heatwave, And Other Songs Of Summertime

It's like a heat wave burnin' in my heart

Here is the definitive Detroit Girls About Town summer 2011 playlist. We’ve started you off with some Detroit classics and then switched it up to some summertime jams.

Use as needed at summer bbqs, pool parties, on late nights or on long road trips to get the party started.

1) Detroit Executives – Cool Off
The best part is when he says “Can you get me a drink of pop?” We like to think he was referring to a Faygo Red Pop.

2) Martha and the Vandellas – Heat Wave
Summer love should be as hot as Martha makes it sound.

3) Alice Cooper – School’s Out
Pro tip: Find Alice Cooper’s old east side ‘hood and drive though with this blasting real loud. Better yet, blast this really loud and drive by the houses of all the Michigan officials who ordered Robert Bobb to close half of the Detroit Public Schools. Throw pencils, books and what ever you can lift.

4) Martha and the Vandellas – Dancing in the Street
It’s just not summer until you hear this song.

5) Madonna – La Isla Bonita
Go to Belle Isle, string flowers in your hair and stick your feet in the surf while playing this song on repeat.

6) Aaliyah – Hot Like Fire
Go thrifing for some Tommy Hilfiger pants 5x bigger than your normal size. Not only will they be breezy, but you’ll be taking a page from Aaliyah’s style book.

7) Aretha Franklin  – Spanish Harlem
Though not about our fair city, one of us currently lives in Harlem. So hearing Aretha sing about it is kind of awesome.

8 ) Gordon Lightfoot – Black Day in July
Let’s keep it real. July in Detroit used to be known for something else. And Mr. Lightfoot so eloquently put it in a song.

9) Invincible – Detroit Summer
Because it’s good. That’s why.

10) Kid Cudi – All Summer
Potential summer anthem for anyone still missing one.

11) Koushik – Be With
Trippy – like rainbows, giant mushrooms, gnomes and unicorns on a breezy summer day.

12) The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer in the City
Classic tune to blast. Complements a BBQ or outdoor party.

13) Inner City – Good Life
Fun song to jam and imagine you’re super rich to.

14) J Dilla – Sun in My Face
Simply one of Detroit’s greatest artists. The end.

15) DJ Jace – Fcuk Miami, I’m in Detroit B!tch
A house track to get you amped for a good night to be a girl about town.

16) Gorillaz – Detroit
Such a yummy track for your ears. Listen while sipping a yummy aqua fresca from Mexicantown for good measure.

17) Pharcyde – Runnin’
This jam will get you movin’ or smilin’. Or just runnin’.

18) Corrine Bailey Rae – I’d Like To
This nostalgic, up-beat jam will make you want to throw an old school backyard party. And you should. And you should invite us.

19) Alicia Keyes – I Need You
A must have for a summer love affair.

20) Ice Cube – Today was a Good Day
This classic track isn’t only for Cali-for-ni-a.

21) DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie – Summertime Mixtape
50 classic jams that won’t disappoint.

22) TLC – Diggin on You
Peace in a groove on a Sunday afternoon. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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