Tuesday February 21st 2017

On The Line With Porcelain Black

'Cause we're the kids that belong to the night (Photo: Austen Risolvato)

Last January a picture popped into our Tumblr dashboard that we just couldn’t ignore. In it was a girl clearly having the good kind of too much fun while flashing her old English “D” tattoo. We didn’t know yet who she was, but we knew we had to find out. She was our girl with the dragon tattoo.

Fast forward to now, the name on everyone’s lips – from Lil’ Wayne to Detroit Girls everywhere – is Porcelain Black. She’s gritty, pretty, talented and can effortlessly rock one hell of a Cruella DeVille-doo. And she’s going to show you what Rock N Roll looks like.

Signed to producer RedOne’s 2101 Records/Universal Republic Records, the man behind six of Lady Gaga’s hits and J.Lo’s “On The Floor,” and under Young Money Cash Money’s management, Porcelain is posed to shake up music with her brand of mayhem.

She say’s she’s a trainwreck, we say Porcelain’s a Detroit girl. But she’s got the ink to defend both titles. And this past July, Porcelain so kindly spent some time on the line with us so we could learn more about this industrial Rock ingénue.

“I’ve got Detroit Rock City tattooed on my knuckles. I wanted to do my hands first so I was fucked and that no matter what I couldn’t get a normal job. It’s like my dedication

That old English D

towards music. I will not be sitting in an office ever doing that kind of job.”

Porcelain, born Alaina Beaton, grew up at 8 Mile and Ryan in Warren, moved to Sterling Heights and then to Rochester. Her parents separated shortly after and her dad moved to Royal Oak and opened a hair salon in Birmingham.

Having moved around a lot, family was important to her, especially her dad, who introduced her to Rock N Roll.

“I’m a lot like like him,” she says. “He was straight up Rock and Roll, [he] like played in a band and just always had me listening to Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana and Oasis and ACDC.”

Having a musical family, Porcelain took to singing and remembers being as young as eight writing lyrics and playing her piano. “I was just singing all the time and dancing around,” she says.

As Porcelain Black, she not only known for her raspy Rock yells, but also her hair – which has been every color of the rainbow, including rainbow.

Since her father owned a salon, she began experimenting on her her at an early age. At 10 she dyed her light-colred locks jet black and a 15 she styled it into a mohawk. She’s had her half-black, half-platinum tresses for two year now, the longest she’s had it one color ever.

With her technicolor hair and wild style, she started dreaming big as teen in Michigan, but her peers were less than supportive. “I was like ‘I’m going to do music’ and people were like, ‘No your not, come on, get real.”

But then she named dropped to prove her point. “I would be like, “Well, fucking Eminem did it, Madonna did it, Bob Seeger did it, Iggy Pop did it, fucking Kid Rock did it. Like, all these people did it so, why can’t I do it?'”

To get away from the naysayers, she ventured downtown. “I always hung out at the Magic Stick and the [Leland] CityClub industrial goth club.”

She soon moved to LA. and started a one-woman project, Porcelain and The Tramps. She even got the attention of Virgin Records, but that partnership turned out to be less than perfect.

But, by staying focused and staying true to herself, she was able to find something that did work. Of course, now she finds herself rubbing shoulders with the likes of Lil’ Wayne and listening to rap along with her Manson and Nine Inch Nails as a result.

When her busy schedule of eight hour-long rehearsals and until four in the morning studio sessions allows her to visit Michigan, she goes straight to her favorites.

“I love Mon Jin Lau and J. Alexander’s in Somerset Mall. I love Tubby’s Submarines. And I swear Detroit has the best Thai food I’ve ever had in my life.” Naturally, she also likes Coney Island and calls National Coney Island her late night drunk jam.

But when she can’t make it and she wants a little down time in LA, she chills in a way we can all identify with – movies at home, pouring through fashion magazines and shopping online.

PS- She left us with a few messages to pass on…

To the haters: “I told you so.”

To the dreamers: “For everybody who’s in Detroit and want’s to do music too, it’s totally possible. If you dream big and have enough passion for something, you’ll be able to achieve it.”

To all the Detroit players: “Detroit is the shit. And I love everyone in Detroit because they’re the realest most badass people in the world. I’m proud to be from there. Wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else in the world.”


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