Tuesday February 21st 2017

From Detroit to Hollywood: Tasha B Writes Her Way To The Top


Roses are red, violets are blue, everyone has a story to tell, even you. Just ask native Detroiter Tasha Biltmore.

“Tasha B,” as she’s known to friends, has been inspiring others for years by sharing the intimate and intricate details of her life through poetry. While Tasha normally performs at the Love Jones Lounge Live in L.A., she’ll soon be garnering a national audience with the release of her first poetry book, Innocent Eyes. The book, released on June 25, is filled with her tales of love and challenges.

Through performing her poetry, Tasha not only learned to open up about her life, but she encourages others to open up, too. “When I started performing, people were walking up to me and it changed the way I did my poetry because then it wasn’t about me, it was about helping other people,” said Tasha. “A lot of people experience the same things as I did and they think they are the only ones going through something, but they are not.”

Tasha, who has been writing all her life, began her career as a poet performing on WJLB during Frankie Darcell’s show. But her writing career jump-started when she moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and met comedian Tracy Morgan. Since the, she’s developed screenplays and is now in the middle of shooting her first feature film, Conversations, which is based off one of the  poems from Innocent Eyes.

Although she may be cooling it in the Golden State, Tasha is a full bred Detroit girl who had Hollywood Dreams and decided to do something about them.

She’ll be signing copies of her new book at The Black Madonna on July 8. Stop by to say “hi” and to ask her how you can develop a poetry style of your own.


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