Tuesday February 21st 2017

Seasons Eatings Around the World

Happy Holidays around the World!

Detroit has always had an international community. Why not incorporate that into your holiday meal?

Switch things up by replacing old standbys with Middle Eastern favorites like fresh hummus and grape leaves from Dearborn. Don’t forget to pick up lots of pita bread and a big tray of baklava. Next, run to Mexicantown to stock up on chorizo to spice up your sausage stuffing and chipotles to add smoky flavor to your gravy.

Finally, make a trip to Hamtramck for some authentic and traditional Polish dishes for the holidays. At Polonia, try the Dill Pickle Soup or the Corned Beef & Cabbage. There’s also The Polish Village, where you can get more traditional Pole dishes. Try the deep fried and escaloped Schnitzel or their Polski Talerz (Polish Plate), which consists of Stuffed Cabbage, Pierog, Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes…truly a taste of Poland. Stroll down the beautifully lit and busy streets of Hamtramck and stop into any one of these places to experience an international holiday meal right here in the D.

Jansson's Temptation

If that’s not international enough for you, try these new recipes that caught our eye from Saveur:

Jasson’s Temptation is the Swede’s version of the ultimate comfort food. It has sprat (herring-like marine fish) with heavy cream, butter, potatoes, and bread crumbs baked in a dish. The end result is a holiday casserole full of warm, cozy goodness.

French Yellow Pea Soup

If you would rather try something healthier, try this French Yellow Pea Soup. It’s a bit lighter, but it’s still a filling choice with rutabagas, leeks, carrots, bacon, and yellow peas.

What ever you make, make sure to shop local. We’ve got a Detroit grocery shopping guide in the works to show you how.

Happy Holidays and may all your tastebuds be satisfied!

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